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How It Works:

  • What Is and How can it Help Me Earn Income? is an indicator that trades one ticker - (SPX) - intra-day (during the actual trading day) and announces all trades to subscribers, typically three times per day. Subscribers simply enter the HappyTrader trades into their brokerage of choice, and start learning the art of Income Trading by selling options. Total beginner? No problem. That's what we're designed for, and every subscriber is provided with a step-by-step video tutorial on how to input our trades to the brokerage of their choice. has put up some extremely impressive performance figures since 2016 in backtesting, even when using one single contract without scaling up. We post a video almost daily for full transparency. The product is designed to help users learn day-trading by providing a one-of-a-kind educational experience that is unrivaled by anything else provided in the trading education marketplace today - which is the ability to actually view when HappyTrader SentimentAI Indicator is entering / exiting trades using real-time market data. We firmly believe that is not only the ONLY tool you need to learn how to day-trade, but the only tool that provides a true window into the actual day-trades, each and every day, that the algo is performing. By seeing how HappyTrader trades, traders of all skill levels, even those who have never traded previously, will be able to greatly reduce the learning curve related to trading, and see HappyTrader scale up in real-time. Ultimately, our service is the best-in-market, and unbeatable compared to any other trading education service.
  • How Well Does Perform?
    Well - This is the best part about and its ALL we do! We have created one single non-confusing and very mechanical "bread & butter" indicator, that you can follow using even a small virtual trading account. Once you see the results, you can simply scale up one contract (if trading options, for instance) for every $1000 net gain that you receive in your virtual trading account. Year-to-date, HappyTrader SentimentAI has traded a 5k account up to 5+ Million Dollars, scaling, using SPX options spreads (Iron Condors). Note - This is using a sim account and adding a contract every time buying power allowed this. Legal Disclaimer: Past Performance is not indicative of Future Results. Please view our full disclaimer at the bottom of our homepage as we are not financial advisors, but merely providing view-access to a high-performance quantitative trading bot that is extremely beginner-friendly.
  • How Much Does HappyTrader Cost?
    Following the SentimentAI indicator costs $47 per month (normally $140, price goes back up soon), and we conveniently and securely accept payments via Stripe. We try to keep the costs fair considering what the end-user is receiving and what we have put into the product (and potential returns!). Just look at the trade logs on our homepage to see the product is well worth the investment.
  • How Do I Start Receiving Trade Alerts Once I Subscribe?
    Simple! Once you subscribe, your access will be sent to you via email immediately. You will then be able to start utilizing the sentimentAI Buy & Sell signals starting the same or very next trading day!
  • What Types of Trading & Tickers Does Support? is designed around the S&P500 Index Ticker (SPX). This ticker is simple, and tracks the overall market. In our opinion, SPX is the best ticker to trade according to our back and forward-testing. We provide our latest & greatest refined strategy for 2023 to all new members. We update our strategies frequently to optimize for changing market conditions. However, you can also use SentimentAI to trade the SPY, options on SPY and SPX, and the /ES futures!
  • Are you Based in the United States & Do You Have Live Support?
    Yes. We are based in Savannah, Georgia and offer email support M-F from 9:30-4pm EST (while the stock market is open). We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our product suite, the markets, or anything that has your mind curious! All you have to do is send an email inquiry to, and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in an expedient manner. We love helping beginner and novice traders, and in fact, our service was designed specifically for non-institutional traders (newer, retail traders - or those with experience whom may be looking to follow a system that is tried and true since 2016 in backtesting.)
  • How Should I Get Used To Trading with
    It's simple. We designed with simplicity & user-friendly-ness in mind - and obviously high performance. To start trading, simply subscribe, and you'll start getting alerts directly on your chart pertaining to where SentimentAI indicator deems it is entering the same (if subscribing intra-day) or the very next trading day if subscribing after market hours. We recommend to only use a paper-trading account in order to gain confidence in the algorithm. Any trading performed on a real-money account is strictly performed at your own risk as stated in the disclosure/Terms of Service located at the bottom of our homepage.
  • What Is The Cancellation / Refund Policy?
    While does not provide refunds, you can feel free to cancel anytime! Just send an email to "", and we will immediately cancel your subscription!
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